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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Visual Art

Collage Work

This is a great site housing a wide collection of Collage artists and their work.

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  1. These collages caught my eye as I browse through this blog to look out for an entry to comment.
    For the first two collages (, the artist used bright and vibrant paper (magazines, I guess) cut outs. I especially liked how he used dark shades of paper to show shadows, lightings and 'shadings'. This will make the work overall look more '3D' and more interesting.
    In addition, what also attracts me to these two collages is that (for most part of the collage) the artist did not 'cut' out the paper, but he actually 'tear' them, showing the torn edges.
    For the next two collages (, I liked the way that there is always a focus in the work. For instance, in the collage on the left, the rising sun is in the middle of the work which show obviously that it is the focus. Similarly, the work on the right, the wolf is in the middle and infront of a circle of forest, indicated that it is the focus.
    Adding on, the forest that is cropped in a circle shape is also good to enhance the wolf is the focus.
    I believe strongly that in every work, there need to be a main focus. I dislike having confusing work without any focus.
    As for the last two collages (, I really liked the collage on the left. It looked really 'natural', like as if it was a real picture without being photoshopped. The colours overall are very calming and attracted me the want to take a second look.
    As for the picture on the left, it gives me more of a kiddish feel, with materials made of paper and styrofoam (I suppose). However, using these materials, it gave the collage a more '3D' feel.
    For instance, the flowers in the bottom, using a 'styrofoam-like' material, it looks very '3D'.
    In conclusion, I believe that art does not restraint to only painting, but also in many other ways, using many different other materials. I really like collages and will want to do them.
    - Koon Hin (1004403J)