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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Product Design

Polar Bear Rug
by Form Us With Love

Wallpaper* magazine has brought together and briefed some of the world’s leading designers, craftsmen and manufacturers to produce unique furniture, fittings, foodstuffs, fashion and more. The 2010 August Handmade issue is dedicated to this astonishing collection of one-off designs and delicacies, chronicling their production and presentation at this year’s Salone del Mobile. Form Us With Love collaborated with woven vinyl flooring company Bolon to design and produce this polar bear rug.

A traditional bear rug, with a not-so-traditional method of design and material of production. Using Photosynth, a software that enables a picture to be converted into 3D, and then reversing the process through Pepakura Designer (a software used by paper-modelling craftsmen to create fold-and-tab geometric cuts-outs for paper crafts), Form Us With Love turned a model of a polar bear into a design for a rug. The rug was then machine cut out of white Bolon vinyl flooring. More complex, perhaps, than shooting and skinning, but better for the bears.

  Form Us with Love is a design house based in Stockholm. It was formed in 2005 and it aims to challenge conventional through its design initiatives in developing everyday objects, furniture and lightings.

1 comment:

  1. Christine Lee Jeong Weon 1004252A

    I find it noteworthy that they have inculcated the use of modern science technology to produce such a refreshing piece of work. A Product designer's job may be to find a more groundbreaking design that suits the user's needs, but Form Us With Love has managed to further take into consideration of the current situation of over poaching in the world, and found a more conservative alternative for our needs and wants.

    In my opinion, this rug is a really innovative and contemporary work of art.