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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fine Art

Jonathan Yeo - The Portrait Artist

Jonathan Yeo is a British artist who rose to prominence in the 1990s as a contemporary portraitist.
He is best known internationally for his portrayal of George W Bush. After a commission to paint the US president was reportedly awarded and then withdrawn, Yeo took it upon himself to create an image of the President anyway, making a collaged portrait from pornographic magazines. The work has led to Yeo exhibiting more collages – mainly portraits and nudes – made the same way. Some of the famous personalities done include Paris Hilton, Hugh Hefner and Lucian Freud.

Charles Saumarez-Smith, former Director of the National Gallery and Royal Academy, said of the porn-collage of Lucian Freud, "Yeo is the young rising star of portraiture and Freud is the acknowledged master. It’s a homage that has its tradition in the past. Painters would quite often do portraits of other artists they admired. Admittedly this one of Freud is rather different as Yeo has used this other dimension – people’s private parts."


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  2. The portraits done by Jonathan Yeo were able to captivate my attention easily and be drawn to it for a long time. From his paintings, I would say he is someone who’s pays a lot of attentions to little details like the frowns of George W Bush’s eye brows. As stated above Yeo uses a different other dimension (people’s private parts) as compared to his acknowledged master, Freud – tell me that Yeo has different perspective towards art, a intimately mindset.

  3. Upon seeing Jonathan Yeo’s portraits, I immediately noticed that they were iconic portraits of the rich and famous, whereby the public could easily relate to. At first glance, I was impressed with his ability of using the art of collage to blend together pornographic images to create a likeness of his subjects. This racy new direction that he takes is highly controversial and must have created uproar in the general public. However, his provocative works is truly a different concept from the past.

    Ong Yi Wen (1003221G)