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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Architecture (Modernist House)

The Chemosphere

A great modernist creation by American architect John Lautner in 1960. It is an innovative Modernist octagon house in Los Angeles, California. The building stands on the San Fernando Valley side of the Hollywood Hills, just off of Mulholland Drive. It is a one story octagon with around 2200 square feet (200m2) of living space. Most distinctively, the house is perched atop a concrete pole nearly thirty feet high.

1 comment:

  1. Name : Chelsa Tian
    ADM D24 : 1002891H
    when i saw this post, i got to comment, i saw this building in charlie's Angels! I always wanted a house like that, alone on a mountain or a hill and had a modern and space feel.

    I, personally, feel that this building can be both safe and dangerous. I believe that you can see why it is dangerous, it is really high above the ground level so to achieve the whole entire city view of Los Angeles, California.
    The safe side is that, it is built really high and that can really prevent from any break-ins.

    It is really a beautiful sight to see the starry night sky and the freshest air you can breathe.
    A Luxury indoor decorations and a massive area.

    I believe if a country wants to save land, they can think of this kind of idea! All you need is a small land on ground and a huge space in air.

    Don't you agree?