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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Images of Shanghai (上海之影) I



This is Zhou Enlai's former residence (Zhougongguan) located on Sinan Road. It is a three-storey house with a strong French architectural flavor. The 'running' creepers on the building add on an European touch to its architecture.


Zhouzhuang is an ancient waterside town of Kunshan city, jiangsu province, that lies at the middle between Shanghai and Suzhou. This town is composed of rustic old Qing-style houses amid the river. The elegant study-room interior belonged to the rich Zhang's residence in the olden days.

Restaurants' Interiors

The left interior is that of Xian Qiang Fang at Jiujiang Rd. It is a posh old Shanghai-style restaurant with imperialistic presentation and very good Shanghai food. This table setting is luxurious and reflects the old French influence in the past.

The right interior is that of a chic cafe-restaurant at Taikang Lu, an arts and crafts enclave with lots of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, craft stores, design houses etc. The red acrylic deer-head ornament adds a
contemporary touch to its interior.

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