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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Images of Shanghai (上海之影) II


Rockbund Art Museum
Cai Guo-Qiang : Peasant Da Vincis

The entrance/facade to this inaugural exhibition by Cai Guo Qiang. A very peasant and rustic feel........

MOCA Shanghai
SQUARES of ROME exhibition

This exhibition features a lot of photographic work in theme of re-proposing the idea of the square as the space of dialogue and dynamic fulcrum of relations.

However, the conceptual Art on neon-lighted texts on the left interests me most with its eye-catching impact and bland message.
'The Important Things are not Things' is a featured wall message at its top-floor cafe. A philosophical take on Materialism I supposed.........

These two work are real Kitsch!
The left work instills a hilarious take on typical baroque-styled sculpture. It is absurdly sexual and funny!
The metallic lotuses are found at the top-floor cafe as well. A whole row of them 'decorating' the bistro area, kind of going against the fluidity of lotuses that we usually associate with the plants.

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