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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chinese Contemporary Art (Liu Ye . 刘野)

Liu Ye (刘野; b. 1964) is a contemporary Chinese artist. His paintings often depict young girls performing an activity before a simple, boldly colored background.

Liu Ye’s more recent paintings often feature a single, female figure framed by a large expanse of color. Most of these female characters are famous personalities such as Teresa Teng, Eileen Chang, Zhou Xun etc. Liu Ye has quoted Oscar Wilde, stating that “every painting is a self-portrait…The little girls, therefore, are me, but more beautiful.” "Young girls with small bodies and large moon-like faces populate these paintings." He is fond of using bright colors and simple backgrounds to convey a complex story of the characters that he creates.

Liu Ye claims the loneliness and quiet atmosphere in his paintings is related to his own painting style. He works without the help of an assistant, unaccompanied in his studio. Though Liu Ye works alone, he is not without external influences; some of his favorite artists include Lucas Cranach, Chardin, Vermeerand the minimalist movement. Consistent with his diverse array of influences, Liu Ye has no interest in being labeled as a painter exclusively for Asian audiences. He has said that “Art should be universal, and it is my hope that my art crosses boundaries of all kinds.”