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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jewellery Design

Philip Crangi

Acclaimed jewelry designer Philip Crangi has always drawn his inspiration from history; Greco-Roman artifacts, Baroque ironwork, and Japanese armor are but a few of the references found in his work. “I would describe my aesthetic as one of contrast in material, color and mood,” says Crangi, who was trained at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design as a goldsmith.

After graduating from RISD, Philip and his sister and business partner Courtney Crangi began creating unique objects and jewelry from their New York City studio. Using materials not often associated with traditional fine jewelry design, they created their signature collection, Philip Crangi, combining age-old techniques with a unique palette of gold, wrought iron and steel. Through this process, Philip Crangi crafts impeccably detailed heirloom pieces, which reflect the very personal style of the wearer, while at the same time creating classics for a new era.

Today, Philip Crangi is one of the most noted jewelry designers in the industry; in June, 2008 he was awarded the very prestigious CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessory Design and in 2007 he was named first runner-up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.


  1. How incredible! I love this post, your blog is so amazing...

  2. The unexpected usage and combination of materials, and also the asymmetrical designs in most of Philip Crangi's works give them a touch of mystery, which I believe is the reason which the sight of it attracted me, and most probably others as well.
    The repetitive intricacies of the designs gave the jewelries attitude too, like the tiny studs and lines.
    It also surprises me that how large objects like Japanese armors and Baroque ironwork could be an inspiration for small and delicate items like necklaces and bracelets.
    Overall, these few images of his works has enlightened me of his vast knowledge and skills.

    Ng Huiyi, 1005203C ADM

  3. Phillip Crangi's jewelry has its own style such as he uses leather or stainless steel that looks like leather. I am obsessed with what they do together, like alchemy. He highlight the connections, which are not hidden but riveted, screwed or held together with gold. I like these obvious connection.

    His designs are also very complex but sophisticated with plenty of details on them. For example, in the second picture, it is just a black leather necklace if he did not add those rivets and the lace-looked effect at the edge. That also makes the necklace look more elegant and costly.

    Beckii Wang Xiaoxiao, 1000222H